State Coalition Affiliate Program

Our Work State Coalition Affiliate Program

State Coalition Affiliate Program

CivXNow works with and supports coalitions and entities operating within a state that are committed to advancing meaningful and bipartisan civic learning policy and practice improvements that are consistent with the recommendations outlined in the CivXNow State Policy Menu. We believe that work at the state-level needs to be driven by state actors, and that a national organization’s best role is to facilitate and support their work so local advocates can drive the policy solutions that make sense for their state.

The following state civic learning coalitions are officially affiliated with the CivXNow national movement. In addition, the CivXNow State Policy Task Force includes members representing 38 states.

Civic Learning Council
Civic Nebraska
DemocracyReady NY
Florida Joint Center
Georgia Center
Illinois Civics Hub
Kentucky Civic Education Coalition
Latinos for Educacional Advocacy and Diversity
MD Civic Education Coalition
Nevada Civic Coalition
NH Institute
Ohio Council for the Social Studies
Oklahoma Civics For All
Oklahoma Civics For All
PA Civics
Rhode Island Civic Learning Coalition
Texas Civic
UD Democracy Project
VA Civics

Benefits to being a state-level CivXNow affiliate include interstate collaboration, sharing of best practices, grant funding opportunities, and assistance with advocacy efforts, policy strategy, drafting of legislation, and more! Contact Abbie Kaplan if your state civic learning coalition would like to be considered for the CivXNow affiliate program.