New Website Features Recap

February 10th Webinar: New Civics Secures Democracy (CSD) Act Advocacy Toolkit released! Watch the recording for a recap of the results of our state policy scan and demo of the new online toolkit.

As the CSD bill is reintroduced, it is essential that we activate our networks and mobilize grassroots support to ensure passage of this vital legislation. Use the updated toolkit on our website to compose a message to elected officials, call Congressional offices, and find media contacts in your area all with the click of a button!

The CSD toolkit is just part of a series of new resources added to the CivXNow website to support Coalition members and advocates for civic education. You can now use our interactive map to track current legislation and pending state bills. This is a FREE tool to help you monitor bills in your state, including which legislators are sponsoring the bill, profiles of bill sponsors, and actions taken on each bill.

Note: The previous toolkit (Google Site) has been archived and all information can now be found at  


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