CivXNow Coalition 2021 Survey Results: A Breakdown

Late last year, we asked CivXNow Coalition members to provide feedback on the usefulness of our monthly newsletters, bimonthly webinars, and policy advocacy efforts. We also solicited suggestions for future content, speakers, and tactics, respectively, in these three areas.

Most coalition members find the policy updates in the monthly newsletters to be the most useful tool:

On a five point scale, with one being “not useful at all” and five “very useful,” members rated policy updates highest in monthly newsletters (3.98 average score), followed by action toolkits (3.91), upcoming events (3.79), case studies (3.66), reviews of research publications (3.57), and member spotlights/interviews (3.42).

Among the many newsletter content suggestions for 2022, respondents suggested more dialogue among members, concrete calls to action with scripted talking points and targeted decision makers, and more resources to counter false narratives percolating about civic education.

Partners want to hear from students, administrators, and continue to network virtually:

CivXNow bimonthly webinars are in their infancy, and survey respondents rated their component partners fairly evenly. Showcasing tools and resources rated highest (3.81), followed by field updates (3.75), relationship-building (3.64), and partner spotlights (3.62).

Several respondents would like to hear more from students in future webinars. School administrators are another suggested participant. And multiple respondents highlighted the need for dedicated networking time with educational and nonprofit leaders, even of an informal nature, as the ongoing pandemic prevents in-person engagement at conferences and other sector events.

Finally, turning to CivXNow’s policy advocacy efforts, survey respondents most appreciate policy updates and analysis (3.96). Federal advocacy opportunities come next (3.91), then their state counterpart (3.75). Convenings like the inaugural CivXNow Policy Summit in September 2021 follow closely (3.74), and funding opportunities for state coalitions rank lowest (3.62).

Take action: join our State Policy Task Force and apply for State Coalition funding!

Several respondents suggested more funding for and attention to state-based policy advocacy efforts. It’s important to note that CivXNow convenes a State Policy Task Force on a monthly basis with representation from 36 states and counting. Moreover, for the second straight year, CivXNow is inviting proposals from state coalition partners to support coalition building, policy advocacy, and programmatic implementation. We encourage interested parties to join the task force and apply for funding by the January 28, 2022 deadline.

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