iCivics Launches Inaugural Youth Fellowship Exploring Equity

iCivics is excited to announce the launch of its inaugural youth fellowship program as part of a collaborative effort with Generation Citizen, to explore equity in civic education. Applicants from across the country were nominated by teachers and mentors for the program and then submitted a self-assessment and essay for consideration. Sixteen finalists were selected by the committee, which later chose the twelve fellows accepted to the program.

Student fellows will have the opportunity to grow their leadership capacity and obtain media training throughout the 2019–2020 school year while serving as student ambassadors for equity in civic education. Selected student fellows will work closely with the Equity in Civics Steering Committee to discuss student concerns about equitable civic education and student preparedness for civic life. Workshops and student training sessions throughout the year are designed to prepare students to tell their story about equity in civics in a compelling way.

Opportunities like this are important avenues to ensuring that youth gain access to high-quality experiences and much-needed networking. At iCivics, equity means expanding the table and reinventing the ways organizations and institutions cultivate talents in communities. In an effort to be more inclusive and equitable, the virtual mentorship component of the Equity in Civics Youth Fellowship was expanded to all interested applicants, forming the Youth As Civic Experts (YACE) network.

The Equity in Civics Youth Fellowship cohort serves from September 2019 through June 2020. The fellowship is a paid opportunity which requires accepted students to attend an in-person fall gathering of fellows in Washington, DC; attend virtual online workshops; attend meetings with the Equity in Civics Steering Committee; and participate in an in-person convening or showcase at the end of the program.

Watch the full video: https://youtu.be/uOsNgyWEEJo

We encourage you to follow student progress all year on social media using the hashtag: #CivicsForUS.

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