Philanthropy’s Role in Finding a Path through the History Wars

Tuesday February 7, 2023 | 3:00 PM Eastern | Virtual

History and civics appear to be flashpoints in education’s culture wars– what gets taught, how, and by whom are a significant matter of debate and disagreement. But recent polls and studies show these “history wars” are largely taking place between “imagined enemies,” and that caregivers across parties, ideologies, and income levels support increasing the teaching of history and civics and believe it deserves more funding and emphasis in the curriculum.

What should proponents of history and civics education take from these findings? What opportunities exist to cut through politicized narratives and provide meaningful civics for America’s young people? How can philanthropy help?

Please join PACE for a discussion on these questions and more; advanced review of data from Cygnal ( and More in Common ( is highly encouraged. This event is intended to have a philanthropy focus, but may be relevant for non-funder audiences as well; all are welcome to join.

The dialogue is presented in collaboration with CIRCLE, iCivics, Jack Miller Center, Democracy Funders Network, Bill of Rights Institute, and More in Common.