Engaging Students for an Informed Democracy: The Role of K-12 Schools

Wednesday, August 31, 2022 | 3:00pm – 4:15pm Eastern

Young people want to learn about elections in school and, when they do, they’re more likely to vote, engage in their communities, and become engaged and informed members of our self-governing society. Despite the extraordinary efforts of many educators, civic education too often is insufficient and inequitable. We can change that.

Join us for a research presentation and panel, co-hosted by CIRCLE and iCivics, on how K-12 schools can play a role in preparing young people for participation in our nation’s constitutional democracy. The civic education experts at CIRCLE will share major findings and recommendations from the CIRCLE Growing Voters report about teens’ civic learning experiences — or lack thereof — and the role of schools in a paradigm-shifting framework for supporting young people’s civic development. In conversation with educators, students, teacher trainers, and other education leaders, we’ll discuss what these findings mean for multiple stakeholders in the K-12 schools ecosystem and the practical steps they can take to ensure each and every student, especially those from disadvantaged or marginalized communities, receives a high-quality civic education during this school year and into the future.

Co-hosted by CIRCLE and iCivics