Bridging Heroes in the Prohuman Classroom

Thursday, April 18, 2024 | 8pm Eastern


Join us for an engaging panel discussion with innovative civics educators from across the country who are inspiring young bridge builders and fostering a culture of our shared humanity in classrooms, communities, and beyond. Hear the panelists’ stories and leave with new ideas to implement at your school! The event will be moderated by Kent Lenci of Middle Ground School Solutions.


How do we break through demonization and division, so prevalent in our time, and ensure a promising future for our country? The flourishing, functional constitutional democracy of tomorrow requires that today’s students develop the bridge-building skills and dispositions that will equip them to collaborate across different perspectives.


This event is intended for public, private, and charter school teachers, school administrators, librarians, homeschoolers, parents of K-12 students, PTA/PTO groups, and anyone interested in learning about practical, creative approaches to bridging divides through education. 


Virtual Livestream