CivXNow Releases New Case Study for Massachusetts

Governor Charlie Baker Signs Senate Bill S.2631 Into Law (photo from governor’s office)

CivXNow has just released an in-depth case study, The Massachusetts Model: What states can learn from the passage of An Act to promote and enhance civic engagement that details the history of how An Act to promote and enhance civic engagement came into being and was passed into law.

The case study walks through how dozens of disparate efforts and players coalesced into a coalition that pushed the legislation from bill to law. It describes how that effort was carried out in concert with the Commonwealth’s simultaneous initiative to revamp its history and social studies framework, and it gives an inside look at some of the tricky politics that those behind the law had to navigate. Told in a narrative form that captures both the machinations of what goes into passing a law on civics and the human side of the effort, the case study is meant to act as a guidebook for other states contemplating similar legislation — complete with helpful takeaways and tips.

It’s available to read online or to download at!

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