Civics in the News

With summer more than halfway over, let’s take a page out of the books from the schools we’re working to help. Take some time to catch up on that summer reading list, including these stories and videos about civic education:

Summer Viewing

iCivics Executive Director Louise Dubé, Paul Carrese, University of Chicago president Paul Alivisatos, and Arizona State University English professor Ayanna Thompson discussed civic education with the New York Times’ David Leonhardt at the Aspen Ideas Festival. The discussion focused on the complexity of narrative in telling history and civics in this moment. Louise made the point that K–12 schools provide the perfect microcosm of our country right now, as they truly represent the makeup of our communities. Some are liberal, some are conservative, and therein lies the potential to move forward, if we can figure out reasonable solutions to our divisions on the ground.


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