August Recess: Meet with Members of Congress to Bring Home the Civics Secures Democracy Act

In June, we were delighted to share that a revised version of the Civics Secures Democracy (CSD) Act was reintroduced in the U.S. Senate. Reintroduction was a significant accomplishment on the path to passing CSD in the current Congress, but the legislative calendar is winding down for the year, adding urgency to the August recess that officially begins for both chambers this week. After Labor Day, Members of Congress will only be in session for a few weeks before returning home for the fall campaign season.

As Members come back to their states and districts for town halls and office visits, we ask that you attend public meetings or, better yet, schedule a personal meeting at the district or regional office or virtually. Look up your Senators and Representatives to schedule a constituent meeting and/or review members’ public recess schedules. The CivXNow Policy Team is also happy to assist with meeting scheduling and/or to participate as an expert on the bill itself. Should the Representative or Senator not be available for a meeting on a day and time convenient to you, request to schedule one instead with the relevant legislative assistant.

Regardless of venue or format, please report the outcomes of these critical meetings to iCivics Federal Policy Manager Abbie Kaplan at your earliest convenience to assist us in aggregating intelligence on the bill.

The Civics Secures Democracy Act online toolkit provides background information on the bill, including the bill text and summary, plus a “take action” portal that facilitates emails and phone calls to members’ offices. Also check out our brand new leave behinds summarizing CSD for Senate and House office visits. Finally, the toolkit provides sample messages and graphics to show your support for CSD on social media.

Our goal remains to pass CSD by year end with strong bipartisan support. Join us in engaging your Senators and Representative on CSD during August recess, educating them on its potential impact, and securing their cosponsorship and commitment to vote for its passage.

Yours in civics,

Shawn Healy
Senior Director of Policy and Advocacy, iCivics


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