Apply Today! State Coalition Request For Proposals (RFP): Up to $20,000 per Grant Award

We are pleased to announce the 4th annual round of regrants to support state civic learning coalitions! This year, CivXNow will be regranting over $250,000 to support the work of state coalitions in the development of meaningful, bipartisan civic learning policy and practice improvements consistent with the recommendations outlined in the CivXNow Policy Menu. We believe that work at the state-level needs to be driven by state actors — such as the successes in New Hampshire — and that a national organization’s best role is to facilitate and support their work so local advocates can drive the policy solutions that best represent their state.

Online Submission is due: 5 PM ET, Monday January 8, 2024.

Dates of importance:

  • RFP opens: 10/16/23
  • Applications due: 1/8/24 by 5pm ET
  • Applicants notified: 2/5/24
  • Regrant period ends: 1/31/25
  • Grant reports due: 2/29/25


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